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Penny the Paraplegic Puncher: A Tale of Two Systems

Disabled Kiwis just can’t catch a break from this incompetent coalition government. The utterly useless Penny Simmonds, who somehow landed the made-up portfolio of Minister of Disabled People, has made a right cock-up of the Individualised Funding system. For those blissfully unaware, Individualised Funding allows disabled people to manage their own care and support services ...


2006 Kapa Haka - Maori Performing Arts (Withdrawn Issue)

‘WOKE BRIGADE’ STAMPS OUT MĀORI HISTORY: Shocking Emails Reveal NZ Post’s Philatelic Fiasco

In this exclusive investigation, we uncover the astonishing truth behind the cancellation of NZ Post’s Māori Language Petition 50th anniversary stamps. Through the power of the Official Information Act (OIA), we have obtained a trove of internal emails that expose a shocking tale of mismanagement, cultural insensitivity accusations, cultural sensitivity accusations and last-minute chaos. The ...


Bat-Wielding Prefects to Combat Vaping: A Bold Move Towards a Vape-Free Future or a Step Back into the Dark

Recently, MP Casey Costello seems to have flicked the proverbial lighter, igniting a fiery conversation around smoking policies. Otto von Bismarck, a notable German statesman and diplomat, famously remarked, “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best.” If this is correct then surely Costello is painting with ...