Shocking Teen’s 12-Month Slap on the Wrist for Attempted Murder – Is Justice Served?

Naenae College

Mason Moody, who attended Naenae College, probably the 17-year-old next door, has been unmasked as the machete-wielding maniac who tried to hack his love rival to pieces in a fit of jealous rage. As reported by the NZ Herald and The Post.

Shockingly, the savage teen managed to evade true justice, receiving a pathetic 12-month home detention sentence from the soft-hearted justice Christine Grice. The bleeding-heart judge claimed to have considered Moody’s supposed remorse, rehabilitation, and youth when handing down the laughable punishment.

It all started when Moody’s girlfriend, a pretty little thing with a wandering eye, ditched him for his so-called best mate. But instead of drowning his sorrows like a normal bloke, Moody started plotting a bloody revenge that would make Jack the Ripper proud.

Moody, started to compile information from the internet and began forming a “kill plan”, which Judge Kelly described as “chilling”.

The last entry in his kill plan notes read: “If arrested, it is what it is”.

The deranged teen spent days holed up in his room, scouring the dark web for tips on weapons, disguises, and how to make a clean getaway. He even made a practice run, bringing a knife to school, but the eagle-eyed teachers caught wind of his sick plan and gave him the boot.

Undeterred, Moody bided his time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Three days later, he showed up at his unsuspecting victim’s house, armed with a machete – a whopping 61cm of gleaming, razor-sharp steel.

In a scene straight out of a slasher flick, Moody went hacking and slashing at his former best friend like a man possessed. The poor sod didn’t stand a chance as the blade tore through his flesh, leaving a gaping hole in his chest and his arm looking like a side of beef at the butcher’s.

“So, I seen my chest it was like open, open like I could, oh, like I could feel the lungs like in there and like the heartbeat and that was real scary because those things are meant to be kept inside you,” the victim said in his evidence.

“My life was almost taken. At my very core I knew that night I’d be alright but I believe I could have so easily fallen off the face of the Earth.”

The bloodbath only ended when the victim’s parents, hearing the commotion, burst in and tackled the gore-soaked Moody, wrestling the machete from his crazed grip. The coward took off like a bat out of hell, leaving a trail of blood and carnage in his wake.

But Moody’s twisted game of cat and mouse couldn’t last forever. The long arm of the law caught up with him two days later, as he tried to flee the city on a bus, still wearing the blood-stained hoodie from his sickening crime.

In a pathetic attempt to hide from the consequences of his actions, Moody’s lawyer tried to keep the little psycho’s name a secret, whining that the poor lamb might face some harsh words online. But the no-nonsense judge put her foot down, declaring that the public has a right to know the face of pure evil.

Now, as Moody serves a laughable 12-month sentence in the comfort of his own home, probably playing video games and stuffing his face with junk food, the once-peaceful suburb is left reeling from the revelation that a monster was living among them all along.

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