OUTRAGEOUS! Students SPIT on Education Minister During Haka Protest at Freyberg High School!

In a SHOCKING display of disrespect, students at Freyberg High School in Palmerston North took their protest against Associate Education Minister David Seymour to a DISGUSTING new level. During the ACT leader’s visit to the school, students performed a haka and one BRAZEN student even SPAT on the ground at Seymour’s feet!

The APPALLING behavior didn’t stop there. In a video that has since gone viral, students can be heard SCREAMING profanities at the minister, while school staff desperately tried to create a human barrier to protect him from the UNRULY mob.

Principal Graeme Williams CONDEMNED the students’ actions, calling them “totally unacceptable” and promising to take DISCIPLINARY action. But some, like Wellington Regional Councillor Thomas Nash, are actually PRAISING the students for their “political expression”!

Seymour, who has faced FIERCE BACKLASH for his plan to review the Ka Ora, Ka Ako free school lunch program, said the students got “over-excited” and that he would be willing to visit the school again. But after this SHAMEFUL display, one has to wonder if he’ll be welcomed back with open arms or more FLYING SALIVA!

Tikanga and haka expert Paora Sharples DEFENDED the use of spitting in haka, claiming it’s a common way to show “distaste towards a particular kaupapa.” But is that really an excuse for such VILE behavior towards a government official?

It’s clear that Freyberg High School has some SERIOUS issues to address when it comes to student conduct and respect for authority. Let’s hope they get their act together before the next politician comes to visit, or they may find themselves in the headlines again for all the WRONG reasons!

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