Schools’ Uncensored: Great Drain Crisis of Naenae College, $30,000 Flushed Away

Naenae College

After spending a staggering half a million dollars on three sets of state-of-the-art toilets in 2021. Naenae College in Lower Hutt, Wellington is now in the midst of a crisis that’s causing ever increasing drain unblocking expenses.

John Russell, who served as the acting principal, has laid bare the absurdity of the situation, revealing a list of unexpected items terrorising the school’s plumbing, “…lumps of concrete, hand towels, rags, vapes, dirt, gravel and fish.”

The financial toll of this costly nightmare has been nothing short of catastrophic. Information released under the Official Information Act 1982 shows in 2019, the school reported spending $1,236.25 on efforts to clear the drains. The following year saw a slight decrease in expenses, totaling $1,138.50. This downward trend continued into 2021, with costs further dropping to $997.05. However, a dramatic shift occurred in 2022, when expenses surged by 509%, reaching a staggering $6,071.48. The upward trajectory of spending persisted into 2023, with a recorded expenditure of $8,730.23 through September alone, indicating a persistent and growing challenge.

Maria White, a local, expressed her disbelief to TuiTruth: “That’s insane, spending half a million dollars just to end up with a bigger mess on your hands. It’s a fiasco”.

Recent incidents of vandalism have plagued the college’s relatively new toilets.

Chad Ngatai, another local voice, told TuiTruth in dismay, “I think it’s an absolute joke, what’s happening at Naenae [college]. You’d think with all that money spent, our rangitahi would have decent facilities. Instead, it’s like they’re flushing our tax money down the toilet—literally. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

I recently stumbled upon the existence of the British Toilet Association. Its logo boldly proclaims “For your Convenience,” and it boasts a complete board of directors. Considering this revelation, if they had a ‘Naenae College Toilet Association’, we would witness fierce competition among wet buggers vying for positions on the committee and discrete plots to overthrow the chairman.

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  1. Sounds like it’s a student shithead problem and not a management one. Teach your kids to respect others property or this just continues.


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