Staff of New Zealand High School Stage MASS WALKOUT, “Almost all of the staff have left our school”

Naenae College

Staff Abandon Ship, Leaving Behind a Trail of Chaos and Confusion

In a SHOCKING turn of events that has left parents and students reeling, Naenae College’s Social Science Department headed by Rebekah Gaffney, has been hit by a MASS EXODUS of teachers, throwing the faculty into a state of utter disarray. TuiTruth has uncovered a BOMBSHELL report that reveals the department has been plagued by extreme changes throughout 2023, with “almost all of the staff” jumping ship, leaving only two lonely faculty members to pick up the pieces.

David Thompson told TuiTruth, “It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see what’s happening at Naenae College. My daughter used to love her Social Science classes, but now she’s constantly stressed about whether her grades will even count. The school’s lack of communication and transparency is just adding to the chaos.”


The devastating impact of the staff exodus goes beyond just empty classrooms and overworked teachers. The report EXPOSES a troubling lack of information and inconsistencies in record-keeping that have left students’ academic futures hanging in the balance. With “limited information” left on the department’s Google Drive and “inconsistences in mark books,” the integrity of student grades is now being called into question. How can parents trust the school to provide a quality education when they can’t even keep track of their own records?


In a desperate attempt to fill the gaping holes left by the mass departures, the Social Science Department has been forced to rely on a team of INEXPERIENCED educators, including “two second-year teachers, two primary-trained teachers.” The report claims that the department is now frantically trying to “develop our staff to be professional and capable teachers,” but with such a significant staffing upheaval, is it too little, too late? Parents are left wondering if their children’s education is being left in the hands of unqualified rookies.

Ashley Robinson told TuiTruth, “I left because it became impossible to do my job effectively. The administration was in complete disarray, and there was no support for the teachers. It’s not fair to the students, who are the ones suffering the most from this mess.”


Amidst the turmoil, the department has the AUDACITY to celebrate “relatively high” credit percentages in Level 3 History, while IGNORING the glaring lack of excellence credits achieved by Pasifika students. The report’s empty promise to “work on this for 2024” feels like a slap in the face to the hardworking Pasifika community, who have been left to bear the brunt of the department’s failures.

Jessica Fatafehi told Tuitruth, Kahananui”The Pasifika community has always been a strong part of Naenae College, and to see our students struggling like this is devastating. The school’s promises to address the issue feel empty when they’ve failed to support our kids in the first place. Our students deserve excellence, not excuses.”


As if the staffing crisis wasn’t bad enough, the department’s woes have spilled over into the 2023 external exams, with an ALARMING number of absent candidates. The report ADMITS that Media Studies was the worst subject in this regard, “likely due to a lack of a consistent subject-expert teacher, as the primary teacher had left mid year.” This SHOCKING revelation lays bare the devastating consequences of the department’s inability to retain qualified educators.

John Kahananui told TuiTruth, “Naenae College has always been a pillar of our community, but right now it feels like the administration is letting everyone down. We need strong leadership and real solutions, not just empty promises and temporary fixes.”

The future of Naenae College’s Social Science Department looks BLEAK, as the new leadership faces an uphill battle to restore order and provide the quality education that students and parents demand. Will they be able to turn the tide, or will the department continue to SINK DEEPER into the abyss of chaos and confusion? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the students of Naenae College deserve BETTER.

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