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Teachers Exploit Mental Health to Skip Work – Principal Chris Taylor’s Pathetic Response Causes Uproar! Shocking!

Naenae College

Naenae College Principal Chris Taylor, recently revealed to Radio New Zealand that “Most days we had up to 15 teachers out sick, which is 25 percent of our workforce, so we were just not able to cope with having that number of staff out.” – This is far from normal and Taylor seeks to normalise this recurring situation by stating, “I do feel it’s becoming a part of the landscape. People get sick, the work pool of relievers is smaller than it used to be, I see this as being a response that we potentially would have to go to again in the future.”

The teachers at Naenae College have found a new way to shirk their responsibilities and leave their students in the lurch. The recent scandal unfolding at this Lower Hutt kura has laid bare the utter nonsense of his so-called “sick” staff.

Apparently, these days, all it takes for a teacher to secure a day off is a pathetic claim of “mental illness.” That’s right, folks – while you’re slaving away at your jobs, these overpaid, underworked “educators” are living it up, as teachers inevitably are, indulging in shopping sprees and lively chit chat with their mates. It’s a disgrace, plain and simple.

Just take a look at the recently leaked emails. They expose a sordid conspiracy among the staff to coordinate their “sick days” and leave the school in chaos. These self-serving malcontents have no shame, hiding behind the guise of “mental health” to mask their laziness and complete disregard for the students they’re supposed to be nurturing.

And let’s not forget the courageous whistleblowers who have come forward with eyewitness accounts of these teachers caught red-handed. Local hero Jane McArthur spotted one of these muppets, a Naenae College teacher, living it up at the Queensgate Mall while claiming to be too “mentally ill” to teach. Bravo, Jane, for exposing this fraud for what it is!

Now, I’m not one to dismiss the importance of mental health. But let’s be real here – these teachers are taking advantage of a serious issue to get a free pass from work. It’s an insult to those genuinely struggling with mental illness and a slap in the face to the hardworking parents and students left to pick up the pieces.

And where is Principal Chris Taylor in all of this? An elitist, hiding behind a wall of excuses and defeatist statements, that’s where. His leadership and apparent acceptance of this disgraceful hoodwinking are a testament. He should crack down on these lying, lazy teachers and restore order to the crumbling kura. 

Did it ever occur that classes could be combined? Or maybe Year 13 classes do not require a reliever? – Why, you ask this isn’t? I have observed teachers’ nonsense for a number of years and have concluded that teachers haven’t grown out of the playground and stayed wet.

But no, instead, he seems content to let the ship sink, all while the students suffer the consequences. It’s a travesty, and it’s high time someone held these so-called educators accountable for their actions.

The Ministry of Education needs to step in and clean the house at Naenae College. Direct Osama Bin Laden and Hamas down to the College, and give these “mentally ill” teachers a swift kick in the rear. If they’re well enough to shop and socialise, they’re well enough to do their damn jobs. – This could be described as “doing god’s work”.

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  1. I used to go to Naenae College and will be contacting the headmaster about his picture in this article. Please remove it or expect to be notified by a public defender. I was expelled from the school for violence by I still stand by our leadership!!!


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